Ian Walton

Ian’s interest in photography began while developing black and white printing when growing up on the Isle of Man, having moved there from his native Dublin. Upon leaving school, he pursued and refined his passion over two years whilst working at a local agency shooting a wide variety of subjects. Keen to further his knowledge and experiment with lighting techniques and formats, Ian moved to England to embark on a BA in Photography at Falmouth College. While there, he honed his skills as a diving instructor and developed his technique in underwater photography. In 1999, Ian joined Allsport, which later merged with Getty Images. He has since been able to lend his technical and creative skills to the business of sports photography, covering four FIFA World Cups, sixathletics World Championships and several tennis Grand Slam tournaments. He has also captured the grandeur and excitement of four Olympic Games. Studio shoots form a major part of Ians work. He has a creative and innovative eye, which has led to him working for commercial clients including Aviva, WTA, FIFA, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lloyds, and Red Bull.He has established himself as a versatile and highly-regarded photographer, receiving the following awards: winner of the Olympics Picture of the Year (2012); winner of the Getty Images Olympic Picture(2012); and winner of the Sports Action Singles (2015).

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